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Getting your old SEGA GG screen back from the dead



If you have an old Sega Game Gear and just dusted it off but realised that the screen is all faded and the colours washed off, then welcome to the club as its quite common, unfortunately.

However not all is lost and thanks to some brilliant minds out there its possible to get your GG fitted with modern LCD screen so you can enjoy the power of your GG and all those amazing vintage games in full vibrant colours.

GadgetUK164 came across this mod and tried it, being that the result is quite amazing as you can see on the image above.

Checkout the full length video with an almost step by step explanation here.


The cons are the technical difficulty of soldering all the wires on the correct pins and of course, since the new screen has a higher resolution, you’ll see the pixels a bit more.

But then again I do think its worth it since it will breathe new life into your GG system and allow you to play those classic games such as Sonic and others again!


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