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Why you shouldn’t install iOS 10 on your main device

If you’re, like me, used to the legendary stability of your iOS device and use it on a regular basis as your main driver or life line, then you should really think twice before you install iOS 10 Beta.

I mean its pretty easy as all you need to do is download the iOS 10 developer profile, restart your device and check for updates.

But you’ll end up with a lab monkey for a phone with loads of bugs and crashes, and quite often a loot of instability.

A good example is trying to make a phone call to one of your contacts and it just doesn’t happen…

Imagine if it were an emergency…

No if you have another iPhone or iPad you can use than that;s fine and I’m sure you’ll have loads of phone searching for the new features. But just don’t use your main phone, just sayin…


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