What is Windows OneCore and what does it mean for the future of Microsoft?

Is Windows One on the horizon? A LinkedIn page from a Microsoft intern contains a reference to something called “Windows OneCore” which could be a rebranding of the company’s plans to develop one kernel that will be used for all of Microsoft’s operating systems, including Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox. The “Windows OneCore” reference shows up on the LinkedIn page of Microsoft…

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First gameplay footage of Doom revealed at QuakeCon and we saw it

Yesterday your friendly neighborhood gaming editor travelled through the rain to Dallas, TX for QuakeCon. It was a totally uneventful trip and nothing dangerous or life shattering happened long the way, no sir. QuakeCon is Bethesda’s annual fan convention, where visitors can compete in gaming tournaments, show off their PC case mods, and get some playtime with Bethesda games like The…

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The best Android Wear Watch Face Apps

We’re roughly two weeks into the release of Android Wear devices (LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live) and the apps are beginning to pile up.

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Microsoft launches new Windows Phone How To site

Microsoft has launched a new website for new Windows Phone users which uses a a large number of videos to give users a visual How To on a wide range of topics, including Personalization, travel, ga…

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EXCLUSIVE — iPhone 6 Crystal Sapphire vs. HK M27 IAR – ELITE FORCE GUNS on YouTube

Check out the HK M27 IAR vs the iPhone 6 Crystal Sapphire Screen!!! Elite Force Guns Dealers: http://www.eliteforceairsoft.com/airsoft-dealers-list/ Elite Fo…

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8 Things You Never Knew Your iPhone Could Do

Oh iPhone, how you are loved. Your elegant beauty and simple, yet lovely, user interface. But you are holding out on us, hiding away little secrets. Well, I’m unveiling them. Accept your fate. Anyw…

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BBM for Windows Phone available to beta testers

You may recall that, earlier this month, BBM finally made its way to Windows Phone Store, after arriving on Android and iOS last year. It was not made publicly available, as BlackBerry chose to conduct a beta testing trial before its official launch.

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Tweetium app for Windows 8 updated with new features and improvements

Tweetium, the best current third party Twitter app for Windows 8 “Modern” users, just got a nice update that adds a number of new features and improvements, even as Windows Phone users await the official launch of the app for that platform. Here is the change log for version 2.5.1 of Tweetium for Windows 8, which costs $2.99: Added context menu option to mute hashtags forever….

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Windows 8.1 gets fresh Music and Video updates

Those running Windows Phone 8.1, either on a Lumia 630 or 930, or via the Developer Preview, should note that there are further (Xbox) Music and Video application updates available today, links below. Nothing shattering, but more speed and less bugs all round.

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Create short stories from your photos with Flipagram, now on Windows Phone

Flipagram, which lets you create short videos by using your photos, has launched on Windows Phone. The app uses photos from Facebook, Instagram, and your phone’s camera to create these little stories, which you can set to your own music and share with your friends. You can customize your stories to your heart’s content. You can set the timing between flips in your videos for any…

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