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Getting your old SEGA GG screen back from the dead

  If you have an old Sega Game Gear and just dusted it off but realised that the screen is all faded and the colours washed off, then welcome to the club as its quite common, unfortunately. However not all is lost and thanks to some brilliant minds out there its possible to get your GG fitted with modern LCD screen so you can enjoy the power of your GG and all those amazing vintage games in full vibrant colours. GadgetUK164 came across this mod and tried it, being that…

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Why you shouldn’t install iOS 10 on your main device

If you’re, like me, used to the legendary stability of your iOS device and use it on a regular basis as your main driver or life line, then you should really think twice before you install iOS 10 Beta. I mean its pretty easy as all you need to do is download the iOS 10 developer profile, restart your device and check for updates. But you’ll end up with a lab monkey for a phone with loads of bugs and crashes, and quite often a loot of instability. A good…

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What? Thinkpad T460s with discrete graphics US only??

It seems that Lenovo is not planning to allow users worldwide to get the new sleek T460s with GPU option, except in the U.S. I wonder why this crazy decision?? I was so looking forward to upgrade from my current Thinkpad Yoga 14 which bulky and heavy to a more portable machine with an entry level Nvidia GeForce. But it seems that once again Lenovo is having trouble to listen to its customer base and so there’s virtually no portable 14 inch options with GPU from Lenovo.. Yes the T460p…

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Android Highlights 

Moto 360 build MEC231

Great news for the first generation Moto 360 users! Although this update has launched a few months back, I feel it’s not been stressed enough what’s the single biggest improvement that it brings to your smart watch: battery life. Indeed the most recent update has risen the battery duration to 2 whole days!! This means of course that when it’s bedtime I have to remember to turn it off, but invariably I still have some good 54% of battery left which will allow me to enjoy another day of using…

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Get addicted to Free the Network, launches on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

If you can’t get enough of endless runners, here’s another one worth checking out. Free the Network is very difficult, but you will keep coming back for more. Want to know what else is cool about this game? Pixel Blimp (pixelblimp.co.uk), the developers, has released the game simultaneously on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone! We’ve installed it on our Nokia Lumia 930. Head past the… Source: www.wpcentral.com See on Scoop.it – Pocketpt.net

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The editorial 1520 proving that 8.1 DP devices DO need to revert in order to get Cyan

One of the rumours in the Windows Phone underground has been that the rollout of Lumia Cyan from Microsoft had stopped for devices that had previously been enrolled in the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview programme. There’s been no official word from Microsoft on the matter – in theory, DP devices should be updated in exactly the same way as ‘stock’ handsets – but there have obviously been some glitches. I investigate below, armed with the editorial Lumia 1520. Source: allaboutwindowsphone.com See on Scoop.it – Pocketpt.net

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How to move apps or games to an SD card in Windows Phone 8.1

Running out of storage space on your Windows Phone? You’ve probably filled it up with games, apps, photos, music and more. If your Windows Phone has support for a SD card you’re in luck. With a few taps you can move things from to your SD card from your phone’s internal storage. In the process freeing up your phone’s internal memory. You can also set it up so that new music, videos,…

Source: www.wpcentral.com

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